Rahul Gandhi Visits Relief Camp in Manipur

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visited a relief camp in Manipur on June 29 to meet the people affected by the recent ethnic violence. Gandhi met with the displaced people and assured them of the Congress party’s support.

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The violence in Manipur broke out on June 24 after a clash between two communities. The violence has since spread to other parts of the state, leaving at least 15 people dead and hundreds injured.

Gandhi’s visit to the relief camp comes amid criticism from the Congress party that the government has not done enough to help the people affected by the violence. The party has accused the government of trying to suppress the news of the violence.

Image of Rahul Gandhi visiting relief camp in Manipur

Gandhi said that the Congress party will stand with the people of Manipur in their time of need. He also called for an end to the violence and for the government to take steps to address the root causes of the conflict.

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