Now the phone will be unlocked with your breath. Unlock Smartphone with Breath

unlock phone with breath

To further strengthen the security of gadgets, scientists are now working on ‘breathprint’ technology. Currently, the facility to unlock a smartphone or any other gadget is available with the help of ‘Facial Recognition or Fingerprint’ sensor. But cyber thugs are easily stealing someone’s personal information by hacking their digital image or fingerprint. In such a situation, with the help of ‘Breathprint’ technology developed by scientists, people will be able to unlock their smartphones through their breath.

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Recently, scientists from Chennai-based IIT conducted an experiment with breathing data recorded from an air pressure sensor. They claim that the movement created in the air during breathing can work as a biometric authentication method, meaning we can easily unlock gadgets with that movement. This experiment was done by scientists during the treatment of respiratory disease, in which an AI model was used which could identify respiratory patients. However the breathing data provided more information than expected; they found that once the AI model analyzed a subject’s breathing data, it could detect with 97 percent accuracy whether the person had taken a new breath or not.

Scientists recorded 10 breaths from each of 94 human test subjects using an air velocity sensor to take readings 10,000 times per second, then fed that data into an AI model. To further strengthen their research, the scientists also tested whether the AI model could differentiate between the breathing of 2 people or not. He completed this task with more than 50 percent accuracy.

Scientists also believe that the AI model can identify the specific patterns of the movement created by a person’s nose, mouth and throat while inhaling. Its biggest advantage will be that the dead person will not be able to unlock his personal gadgets. This will work only on living people. Some studies have shown that the smartphone of a deceased person can be unlocked using his fingerprint. Right now this experiment is in its initial stage. Testing is going on to make it user friendly. It is expected that in the coming times, people across the world including India will be able to unlock their smartphones through their breath.

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