Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad Shot at in Saharanpur

Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad was shot at in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh on June 29, 2023. Azad was injured in the shooting and is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital.

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Image of Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad

Image source:thewire

The shooting took place at around 11:30 AM local time when Azad was addressing a gathering of his supporters. Azad was shot in the leg and was rushed to a hospital in Saharanpur. He is said to be in a stable condition.

The police have launched an investigation into the shooting and have detained two people in connection with the incident. The motive for the shooting is not yet known.

Azad is the leader of the Bhim Army, a Dalit rights group. The Bhim Army has been involved in a number of protests against caste discrimination in India.

The shooting of Azad has sparked protests in several parts of Uttar Pradesh. The Bhim Army has called for a statewide shutdown on July 1, 2023.

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