Urfi Javed arrested by Mumbai police for allegedly violating dress code? Know the truth

In a video that went viral on Instagram, some police officers are seen detaining Urfi Javed in Mumbai on Friday, November 3.

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Urfi Jawed arrested?

In a video shared on Instagram account, it appears that a police officer detained Urfi Javed. Urfi is seen asking Javed to go to the police with them. “Chote chote kapde pehenke kaun ghumta hai?” the officer asked Urfi in response to her questioning why she had been placed under arrest.

Urfi Javed in backless red She was seen sipping her coffee in a top and trousers. When she asked the reason again, the authorities asked the officials to accompany them to the police station. They caught him, holding his hand at the same time.

 is worth noting that Urfi Javed has been in trouble lately due to his sartorial choices. Urfi Javed is often the target of harassment, bullying and trolling for his style choices.

As soon as the video went viral, the netizens went berserk with Uorfi’s arrest. A section of people slammed her for playing a prank, they even call it a ‘promotional stunt’. According to a report in India Today, Mumbai police did not actually arrest Urfi Javed.

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