Two deaths in Kerala caused by Nipah virus

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya today confirmed the death of two people due to Nipah disease in Kerala’s Kozhikode district. The Kerala government reported that the virus was also transmitted to two people in the same district.
 regional health alert was issued yesterday after two “unusual” deaths were reported at a private hospital. The facility was approved a few hours later.

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Mr. Mandaviya said: “A central team has been sent to Kerala to examine the situation and help the state government control the Nipah outbreak.”

The first death occurred in the second sitting. The death occurred on August 30. news agency PTI reported on Monday.

 disease was confirmed in Kozhikode district. 2 people died due to the disease. Of the 4 people whose saliva was sent for testing, 2 were Nipah cases. Positive disease and 2 were Nipah positive disease”. Nipah virus is bad,”  – Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan posted on Facebook.

Kerala government has made preparations

Kerala government has set up a hospital in Kozhikode. It is checking a unit and instructing people to use masks . Precautionary measure. He said that people should be careful and that there was nothing to worry about since they had no contact with the victim’s relatives. He was taken into contact treatment.

 is nothing to worry about. People the duo has been in contact with are being tracked and treated. Attention and alertness are important in dealing with this problem. “Everyone is requested to cooperate with the plans prepared by the Ministry of Health,” he said.


What is the Nipah virus?

The Nipah virus is a zoonotic virus, which means it can spread from animals to humans. It is a member of the paramyxovirus family, which also includes the measles virus and mumps virus.

How is the Nipah virus spread?

The Nipah virus is spread through contact with the saliva or blood of infected animals, such as bats. It can also be spread through contact with the respiratory secretions of infected people.

What are the symptoms of the Nipah virus?

The symptoms of the Nipah virus are similar to those of other respiratory illnesses, such as the flu. They can include fever, headache, vomiting, and respiratory problems. In some cases, the virus can cause encephalitis, which is inflammation of the brain.

Is there a cure for the Nipah virus?

There is no specific treatment for the Nipah virus. Treatment is supportive and includes providing fluids, oxygen, and medications to treat the symptoms.

How can I prevent the Nipah virus?

There is no vaccine for the Nipah virus, but there are ways to prevent it. These include: 

  • Avoiding contact with bats and their saliva or urine. 
  • Practicing good hygiene, such as washing your hands frequently. 
  • Cooking meat thoroughly before eating it.


The Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala is a serious public health concern. The government is taking steps to contain the outbreak, but it is important for people to be aware of the risks and take steps to protect themselves.

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