Court Rejects Jailed Chandrababu Naidu’s Plea for House Custody

[Image of Chandrababu Naidu being taken into custody by the police]
[Image of Chandrababu Naidu being taken into custody by the police] (Image source:

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A court in Andhra Pradesh has rejected the plea of jailed former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for house custody. Naidu is currently in judicial custody in connection with a corruption case.

Why was Naidu’s plea rejected?

The court said that Naidu’s plea was not maintainable as he is facing serious charges. The court also said that there was no reason to believe that Naidu would not tamper with evidence or influence witnesses if he was released on house custody.

What is the corruption case against Naidu?

Naidu is accused of misappropriating funds from the Special Economic Zones Authority of Andhra Pradesh. He is also accused of taking bribes from contractors.

How long has Naidu been in jail?

Naidu was arrested on September 12, 2023. He has been in judicial custody since then.

What is the next hearing in the case?

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for October 12, 2023.


Can Naidu appeal the court’s decision?

Yes, Naidu can appeal the court’s decision to a higher court.

What is the maximum sentence that Naidu could face if he is convicted?

The maximum sentence that Naidu could face is 10 years in prison.

What is the political impact of Naidu’s arrest?

Naidu’s arrest is a major setback for the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). The TDP is the main opposition party in Andhra Pradesh. Naidu’s arrest is likely to weaken the TDP and could benefit the ruling YSR Congress Party.


The court’s decision to reject Naidu’s plea for house custody is a major setback for him. Naidu will remain in jail until his trial is over. The outcome of the trial will have a significant impact on his political career.

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