Lionel Messi to Inter Miami in 2023: Is It a Done Deal?

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The rumor mill has been in overdrive in recent weeks, with reports that Lionel Messi could be on the move to Inter Miami in 2023. The Argentine superstar is currently under contract with Paris Saint-Germain until 2023, but there have been suggestions that he is unhappy in France and is looking for a new challenge. 

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 Inter Miami is a relatively new MLS club, but they have big ambitions. They are owned by David Beckham, and they have already signed some big names, such as Gonzalo Higuaín and Blaise Matuidi. Messi would be the biggest signing in MLS history, and his arrival would surely help to put the league on the map.

So, is there any truth to the rumors? Well, it’s certainly possible. Messi has always been interested in playing in the United States, and he has a close relationship with Beckham. Additionally, Inter Miami has the financial resources to make a move for Messi, and they would likely be willing to offer him a lucrative contract. 

 However, there are also some challenges that Messi would face if he joined Inter Miami. The MLS is not as competitive as the European leagues, and it would be a big change for Messi to move to a new country and a new league. Additionally, Messi would be 35 years old in 2023, and it’s not clear how long he would want to continue playing.

Ultimately, whether or not Messi joins Inter Miami remains to be seen. However, the rumors are certainly intriguing, and it would be a major coup for the club and for MLS if he did decide to make the move. 

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