AJIO Sale Event Shows Growing Influence of Tier 2 and 3 Markets in Indian Fashion

Reliance Retail’s fashion e-tailer AJIO recently held a sale event that saw a surge in demand from tier 2 and 3 markets.

The event, which ran from June 24 to July 3, saw a 40% increase in orders from tier 2 and 3 markets compared to previous sales.

This is a significant increase, and it shows that the fashion preferences of consumers in these markets are changing.

[Image of AJIO store in tier 2 or 3 city]
Image source: www.news18.com

Traditionally, consumers in tier 2 and 3 markets have been more likely to buy traditional Indian clothes. However, the AJIO sale event shows that these consumers are now more open to experimenting with different styles.

This is a positive trend for the Indian fashion industry, as it means that there is a growing market for brands that offer a wider range of styles.

The AJIO sale event also highlighted the importance of social media in driving sales in tier 2 and 3 markets.

The event was heavily promoted on social media, and this helped to drive awareness and traffic to the AJIO website.

This shows that social media is a powerful tool for reaching consumers in these markets, and brands that want to succeed in these markets need to be active on social media.

The AJIO sale event is a sign of the changing fashion landscape in India. Consumers in tier 2 and 3 markets are now more open to experimenting with different styles, and they are increasingly using social media to discover new brands.

These trends are presenting new opportunities for brands that are willing to adapt to the changing needs of consumers.

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