Supercomputer that will calculate in 47 years, quantum will take only 6 seconds

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CREDIT: Google Quantum AI/PA

Google has made a new claim of 47 years of quantum supremacy over the fastest supercomputer of the present time. How fast a quantum computer can calculate compared to a supercomputer is called quantum supremacy. According to the new claim of Google, today’s supercomputer will take 47.2 seconds to do the calculation that it did with the quantum computer in 6 seconds.

Researchers from Google Quantum AI and about 10 universities associated with it have published detailed scientific articles about it. According to the article, this quantum computer of Google is 70 qubits. Qubits mean quantum bits.

there are still many challenges

American companies like Google and IBM and Chinese companies are making many claims about their quantum computers. But giving them a practical form is still an increased challenge for scientists. Quantum processors are called their foundation. They have to be kept at minus 273-degree temperature.

It is also necessary to give a stable environment to the computer during the calculation and not to allow external interference. This is considered to be the biggest obstacle in their practical development and use. Google’s new claim has also been made on the basis of a synthetic process called random circuit sampling of quantum computers. In this, Google has shown the potential of quantum computing.

Hope for a new future
Development of medicine, vaccines to chemicals

Despite all the challenges, a quantum computer is being called a technology with the potential to give a future to human civilization. It’s millions of times faster and deeper calculation capacity can help in finding elements that can cure many incurable diseases including cancer. This can be useful in studying chemicals and developing new forms.

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