Tottenham Hotspur Owner Charged with Insider Trading

Tottenham Hotspur owner Joe Lewis has been charged with insider trading in the United States. The charges stem from an alleged scheme in which Lewis tipped off friends and associates about upcoming corporate earnings reports, allowing them to make illegal profits.

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The charges against Lewis are serious, and could result in significant jail time if he is convicted. The scandal could also have a major impact on Tottenham Hotspur, as Lewis is the club’s majority shareholder.

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The Charges Against Lewis

The charges against Lewis allege that he tipped off friends and associates about upcoming earnings reports for several companies, including, Intu Properties, and Mirati Therapeutics. Lewis is accused of making millions of dollars in illegal profits by trading on this inside information.

The charges against Lewis are based on an investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC alleges that Lewis used his position as a major shareholder in these companies to gain access to confidential information about their earnings reports.

The Potential Impact on Tottenham Hotspur

The insider trading scandal could have a major impact on Tottenham Hotspur. Lewis is the club’s majority shareholder, and he has a significant influence on the club’s operations. If Lewis is convicted of insider trading, he could be forced to sell his stake in Tottenham Hotspur.

The sale of Lewis’ stake in Tottenham Hotspur would be a major blow to the club. Lewis is a wealthy investor, and he has provided significant financial backing to the club over the years. Without Lewis’ support, Tottenham Hotspur could face financial difficulties.

The Latest Developments in the Case

Lewis has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. He is currently free on bail, and his trial is scheduled to begin in October 2023.

The insider trading scandal is still ongoing, and it is possible that additional charges could be filed against Lewis or his associates. The scandal is also likely to have a significant impact on the reputation of Tottenham Hotspur.

The full impact of the insider trading scandal on Tottenham Hotspur is still unclear. However, the scandal is a major blow to the club, and it could have a significant impact on its future.

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