Prime Minister Modi Praises Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla’s Condemnation of the Emergency

Title: Prime Minister Praises Lok Sabha Speaker’s Condemnation of the Emergency

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Prime Minister Modi Praises Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla's Condemnation of the Emergency
Prime Minister Modi Praises Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla’s Condemnation of the Emergency

In a significant show of unity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla for his forthright condemnation of the Emergency period in India, a dark chapter in the nation’s democratic history. The Speaker’s remarks were made during a special session in the Lok Sabha, commemorating the 48th anniversary of the Emergency.

A Dark Chapter Remembered

The Emergency, declared by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on June 25, 1975, and lasting until March 21, 1977, is often remembered as one of the most tumultuous periods in India’s post-independence history. During this time, civil liberties were suspended, political opponents were jailed, and press freedom was severely curtailed.

Speaker’s Strong Words

In his address, Speaker Om Birla did not mince words as he described the Emergency as a “blot on the fabric of Indian democracy.” He emphasized the importance of remembering this period to ensure that such an infringement on democratic rights never happens again. Birla highlighted the resilience of the Indian people and the eventual restoration of democracy through the general elections of 1977.

Prime Minister’s Endorsement

Prime Minister Modi, known for his strong stance on upholding democratic values, lauded Speaker Birla’s speech. In a tweet, the Prime Minister said, “The Emergency was a dark chapter in our history, and we must never forget the lessons it taught us. I commend Speaker Om Birla for his powerful speech and his unwavering commitment to our democratic ideals.”

A Call for Vigilance

The Prime Minister’s endorsement of the Speaker’s remarks underscores the importance of constant vigilance in protecting democratic institutions and values. Modi reiterated that the lessons from the Emergency period should serve as a reminder of the fragility of democracy and the need for all citizens to be proactive in safeguarding their rights and freedoms.

Historical Reflection and Future Commitment

The Prime Minister’s and Speaker’s reflections on the Emergency come at a time when there is a global discourse on the state of democracy. Their comments serve as a reminder of the critical importance of history in shaping the present and future. By remembering and learning from past mistakes, the nation can strive to build a more robust and resilient democracy.


The exchange between Prime Minister Modi and Speaker Birla highlights a unified commitment to remembering the past while steadfastly protecting the future of India’s democratic institutions. As the nation continues to evolve, such reminders are crucial in ensuring that the values of freedom, justice, and democracy remain at the forefront of India’s collective consciousness.

This reaffirmation by the country’s top leaders sends a strong message about the sanctity of democracy and the eternal vigilance required to preserve it.

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