Gyanvapi Mosque Case: The Latest Developments

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The Gyanvapi mosque case has been making headlines in India for weeks now. The case centers around a petition filed by a group of Hindu devotees who claim that the mosque was built on the ruins of a Hindu temple. The petitioners have asked the court to order a survey of the mosque to look for evidence of a Hindu temple.

In April 2022, a Varanasi court ordered a videography survey of the mosque. The survey was conducted over several days and the findings were submitted to the court in May. The court has not yet released the survey report to the public.

[Image of Gyanvapi mosque in Varanasi]
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In the meantime, the case has been mired in controversy. The mosque’s management committee has challenged the survey in court, arguing that it is illegal and violates the Places of Worship Act, 1991. The Act prohibits the conversion of any place of worship into another religion.

The case is now before the Supreme Court, which will hear arguments from both sides on July 26. The Supreme Court is expected to decide whether the survey was legal and whether the court can order the removal of certain religious symbols from the mosque.

What are the implications of the case?

The Gyanvapi mosque case is a sensitive and controversial one. The case has the potential to reignite communal tensions in India. It is also a test case for the Places of Worship Act, 1991. The Supreme Court’s decision in the case could have far-reaching implications for other religious disputes in India.

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